Affiliate Marketing eBooks: Recommended Reading for Web Entrepreneurs

I have one important criterion for affiliate marketing ebooks and making recommendations: I won’t refer a digital book that I would not use myself. I took a look at several of the popular pricey titles available on the net as well as the free ones. I compared ebooks based on hype, relevant information for affiliate marketers, price and other factors. And here’s what I found:

Recommended Reading for Tips and In-Sight

How to Generate 24/7 Income Streams

People are fed up with the scams associated with affiliate marketing written by so-called experts in the field. So I am pleased to recommend one of the best affiliate marketing ebooks called the Affiliate Business Blueprint ($49) from Rosalind Gardner and Jim Edwards. It shows you how to set up your business so that it runs on auto-pilot and so much more! These two people really do exist and you can go to the conferences and conventions held around the country to meet them.

The Internet Classic on Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Masters Course

One of my favorite affiliate marketing ebooks (the one I used to build my business) you might want to consider is Ken Evoy’s Affiliate Masters Course. This is a free introduction to affiliate marketing as well as showing you the importance of building niche websites that have a clear focus or product line. You’ll learn how to help drive sales rather than just pitch and hope for the best. His site,, also offers the excellent tutorial Make Your Content PREsell. That ebook is also free to download.

Living the Internet Lifestyle

Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate Check out Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate ($29.95) by Internet marketing guru Chris Rempel who has the most interesting sales page I’ve ever come across. Rather than lots of repetition and hype, he actually spills a lot of beans just telling you about how he makes money online. In fact, I tried several of these strategies myself with good results. Read his “5 Proven Hands-Off Traffic-Generation Techniques” ebook and see what I mean.

Google Profits Mini-Course

Google Profits Mini-Course Google Profits ($19.95) is Wade Winger’s Profits Mini-Course which combines “The Power Of Google AdWords and ClickBank.” If you’re unfamiliar with these two affiliate marketing programs: Adwords is the most powerful advertising venue on the Internet while ClickBank offers over 11,000 digital products that you can market to earn commissions. The basic idea is to run text ads that bring in customers (at pennies per click), then selling these customers the eBooks (via Clickbank) they are looking for. It makes for some very nice commission checks. If you can learn to Make Your Content PREsell, this type of advertising campaign is quite profitable.

Work from Home

Work from Home Similar to Winger’s book is Work from Home ($46.48), another of the popular affiliate marketing ebooks that will show you how to work with Adwords. Author Greg Heslin shows you how to pick products to sell on the internet, then how to place ads on Adwords which runs text ads on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Any sales originating from your website will pay commissions to you from the merchant you refer customers to.

Use Multiple Sources for Information

Let’s be clear: These ebooks help show you the way, but you still have to make the journey. No one is going to hand you success just because you read an ebook or two, or built a website, or signed up for something. Affiliate marketing is a lot of work and there are no shortcuts. I love digital books, and credit a lot of my own education in affiliate marketing to them (especially the free ones!). Keep in mind that the affiliate marketing ebooks which require a payment come with money-back guarantees, so don’t be shy about asking for a refund if the book wasn’t what you thought it would be.

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